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Tungana's focus is to connect People to People, People to Services, Developers to Developers and Engineers to Engineers through emerging technologies.

We develop innovative solutions leveraging emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, Blockchain, Web and Mobile Technology.


To solve real-life problems using cutting edge technology


To Enhance Lives Through Technology


Disruption for good

What we do we do best

We deliver cutting-edge solutions through development of Software across all domains. We also develop full-stack IoT solutions stretching from remote sensing, connectivity and visualization. Provision of Big Data Analytics while leveraging open source tools such as R and Python.

Software Development

We develop tailor made Mobile and Web software that address various user problems

Internet of Things

Delivering remote sensing solutions through connectivity to software services

Data Analytics

Development of algorithms for insightful data visualization wth A.I. and M.L. capability

Infrastructure & Connectivity

Connectivity through the emerging LPWAN technologies alongside dynamic spectrum access.

IT Security

Securing Networks, IoT devices, Firmware, Web and Mobile Applications is mission critical for us

Capacity Building & Training

Creating awareness and passing knowledge to the next generations on these technologies.

Why choose us?

We are committed and loyal to our customers and partners

Timely Delivery

We value the managment of time and respect of people.

24 Hour Support

We are available 24/7 to assist our clients and partners.

We get it done

We adhere to a high code of discipline all the time.






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Hard Workers

Our Work

Our work centres on delivering impact to the bottom of the pyramid while touching many lives in various verticals. We are currently working on empowering more than 500 farmers through precision farming in an endeavor to better lives, improving efficiency in a number of car wash facilities, enhancing hotel services, implementing early warning systems through fire detection, increasing accessibility to information and still innovating in other sectors of economy

Our Products

We have a range of inhouse developed products and solutions

Wireless Planet

Tungana’s initiative to provide wireless Internet access to rural communities meant to drive adoption of emerging technologies while bridging the digital divide gap

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Tungana’s product for Agriculture that leverages the innovative technologies for the 21st century farmer to implement smart and sustainable farming.

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DataDrive is Tungana’s oil! This is the Big Data and Analytics product that leverages different data sources to implement optimal algorithms for descriptive and predictive analytics.

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Tungana is made up of team members from a hybrid of backgrounds. The core team includes the following individuals.


Executive Head


Head of Operations


Head Legal Advisor


Head of Technology


Head of Marketing & Partnerships

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iBizAfrica, Strathmore Student Centre, 5th Floor

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